what causes brown spots on desert rose leaves

I have another Desert Rose with different non curly leaf that is doing fine. Spiders catch bugs so it’s ok to leave on the plant. here is Florida scale will show on older plants when growing outdoors. I woudl check nutrients. Hi! I live in NJ and the 1st 2 years I took it outside in the summer and it got bugs, so I stopped taking out. We do not seal cuts or grafts on adeniums. Just sent reply on this one – sorry for the delay. The brown spots are due to moisture in the air which collect on the leaves and cause brown spots (during summer months). I believe the fungus might have been spider mites that are so small they look life a fungus. These spots, which have a diameter of 1/8″ to 1/4″, are tiny and appear scattered throughout the leaves. Hello. One of the most common causes of yellow leaves in a rose bush is a fungal infection called black spot. I have what some one told me is Thank you very much for the reply. Then put the adenium plant in a cactus type soil mix (check this blog for adenium soil). I’ve had this gal for a few years, never flowered, tips of leaves brown and eventually fall off. 90% of ours have not bloomed yet. We do not purchase plants from India. You can send the picture to sales@adeniumrose.com. Any advice? Yes here are several articles on soil mixes on this blog. Desert rose plant stem root is caused by a fungus. Help with damage control! Had bought an adenium plant about 3 months back and kept it in my balcony. I live in Los Angeles. I’m surprised and moderately confused!! There are no leaves as of today, only stalks and the stalks have a white fuzz at the tip of them. You need to take the plant out of the pots to get the roots to dry out and prevent root rot if possible. The white and double pink flowers profusely but the flowers last only one or two days, develop the dreaded burnt edges and fall off. Maybe the pots are too small? Are the branches long? You need give them time to accumulate to the outside. I don’t know what it is. Normal bonsai soil retains too much water and has too much organic material. Fungus does not grow in thin spikes as far as I know. What should I do to get rid of this problem? There are a fuzzy brown spot in the veins of the leaves. Other causes not enough water, too much water or root problems. They get tons of water. Because of the harsh winter climate we have here in Wisconsin, I brought it in before the really cold weather set in. HI! Clay breathes and will soak up excess water from the surrounding soil. You haev a grafted adenium plant. What should I do? What color is the fungus? Its the wrong time of year to graft. Did I correctly understand that ripped root should be above the soil? What color if your fungus? Required fields are marked *, nine Now the caudex has turned soft and started shriveling. We have a mild cool down in October and now another one. I am at my wits end to try and save these prized possessions. I need more information. No new leafs appearing. I would give them approximately 6 hours of grow light a day and in February increase it January to 8 hours to give the adeniums plants time to get ready to flower. Some of the brown tips have black dots. Use the proper soil (see this blog), nutrients and sunlight an it will do well. It sounds like some rot is occurring. There is now stem areas which are rotting. Some branches are dead and hollow. It may mean removing most of the desert rose plant branches and part of the trunk of the desert rose plant. Your plants need micro-nutrients that they are not getting. I have not been able to find any information online to help me solve this problem. Yes, since you lost the buds you can fertilize the desert rose plant now. I recently received a desert rose from Thailand. Now this winter has been a bit strange going from cold to warm to cold again so your adenium plant may be going dormant again. Also, I would remove all leaves even ones without the problem. However now leaves are wilting, yellowing and browning all over the plant and I’m afraid I may lose her. It has always had varying leaf sustainability and does better when I don’t pay too much attention to it. Mushrooms like moist soil with little air flow which is exact opposite of what adenium plants want. Please help I want to save this poor black bird desert rose. If you are using plastic pots you must have excellent drainage and the proper soil to prevent rot. Is this normal and will turn green when the leaves grow bigger and older? I moved the plant to a corner inside our home. after that it’s leaves falling on regular basis. If insect maybe adhids. I am having problems with most of them, to my dismay. The plant is coming back lot of leaves and flowering but the leave and flowers are severely miss shaped. It has not grown but does sprout small leaves. would it be an effect caused by flowering fertilizer? I fertilized the plant about 4 weeks ago. I have a Dessert Rose for 8 years and it never flowered. If you leave any rot it will just continue to spread. The brown spots will not harm the adenium plant. Stem is hard. do you know of any such problem. Make sure you get all the rot off otherwise it will start up again and kill your whole plant. We use Dyna-Gro products. Its best to do this in spring. Thanks. Like the inside has just turned to mush:( Stranger still because the rest of the plant looks perfectly normal (hence not noticing it sooner). Have you tried a systemic insecticide? Rose slugs feed on the leaves of rose bushes. My boyfriend bought me a miniature potted red rose for Valentine’s day and after a couple of days I noticed the leaves are drying and falling off even though I made sure it gets enough water and sunlight. and I bought a small desert rose at home depot, 1 flower that was closed is now open but thereres another flower that turned brown? So one day before my first post I watered, but it was a really cold day. I don’t want to loose this plant, any suggestions on what to do? After reading your blog, I think they’re suffering from the cool/warm/cool situation.How can I fix this and when should they be repotted ? DO not rim the roots of adeniums. What do I do? Grew this adenium from a seed. Now I see that’s not the ideal type of soil. Many times when an adenium plant is over watered you will not see the problems until 1..2 months afterwords because the problem starts below the soil line. You need to leave it out of the soil to prevent fungus and other problems. Q. If you do not see very small roots then the plant may not be getting enough water. It was severely damaged in a windstorm, a chair fell on it and crushed the main stem. I keep them in clay pots with the soil the nursery had them in. I’m not sure if it’s dying, or if I’m doing something wrong… the caudex is soft (not mushy), and the branches are also soft, and dry/wrinkly at the ends. Als0, osmocote does not have the right minerals. I just dont know why all the brown leaf spots…. Any advice? I water the plant mostly when I stick my finger in the soil and feel no moisture in the tops layers. Plants are exposed to direct sunlight , not through glass. It was my grandmothers before she died and i have had it almost 2 years now. I have grafted a stem to the side of the thicker base portion of my desert rose, will it grow? It was doing ok until the last two weeks now. Last night I left it outside for the first time this year. Really appreciate if I get advice from you to save it. I have a desert rose and the leaves are turning yellow and have brown spots on them. However a large population can severely weaken the plant. I’d really prefer to keep the pot in one piece. I watered it once a week during the summer and as of now the weather is still warm in 70’s. Are you growing the desert rose plant outdoors or in doors? Thank you!! I don’t often get direct sunlight in my room so I move it around regularly to other locations so it gets varying intensities of light. If you do not give it enough water the desert rose plant it will go dormant and loss the leaves. It’s about an inch tall and it is not growing up or sideways. I purchased this Adenium early this spring and had it for a few months now. If they are you may want to consider cropping them to force growth of the branch thickness and more branches. Thank you very much for your response. If it’s stem rot, how can I trim it away from the main trunk? Nursery soil garden mixes (Miracle-grow mixes, etc.) How can I post a photo of my adenium so you recognize the disease ? I have attached pictures of the leaves and caudex for your reference. It’s summer time here. Most likely some type of insect. Thank you in advance for your help! Rose Problem 1 - Black Spots on the Foliage. It’s important that the leaf of the desert rose plants does not stay continually wet. Roots are light color if they do not receive light. They are now 18″ high and have a 1/2″ base. If you have black spots on the leaves of your roses, remove the leaves as soon as possible and dispose of them. My desert roses have the yellow trunk (a whole plant), some is just yellow on the part that face to the sun. Soggy is not good. could it be root rot? Usually adeniums seeds take 5 to 10 days to sprout if they are good seeds. I cut it down, re potted it in fast drying soil and it started shooting new limbs with healthy leaves. Just remove the leaves and the plant will be OK. I assume to check roots I take all dirt away from the roots and leave to dry. Once arrived I planted in dry soil and watered several days later. I have new leaves growing on my desert rose. I had issues with orchids years ago so I volunteered at a nursery friends shop and got those down but my friend passed and his nursery closed so I’m hoping someone out there can help me save my beautiful adenium a-current and future. Jim. I recently repotted my adenium plant. The spots produce spores which spread to other leaves and plants. Do adeniums need a particular type of soil? You say 'baby' rose bush but I'm guessing this is a Miniature rose … No air plants on it however. The leaves started falling off & then the unopened blooms all fell off too. It had a patch of chronic yellowing on the trunk for the last 4-5 years but it seemed stable. I live in northern central Florida and we did have a very cold January. Make sure you haev the right soil so you can water them at least once a week.

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