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It really has, but I've bitten the bullet and started creating, and it's driven people to my page. Karen, I'm glad you enjoyed this. My biggest tips is to pin daily. Video marketing is an increasingly important part of any business strategy—and it should be on your radar. People claim Twitter is dying. While it can be harder for new Facebook pages to get their work into users’ feeds, it’s still a must for creatives to have a strong Facebook presence. It’s also a fantastic place to do market research and network with magazines and arts organizations, many of whom love to repost and help artistic content go viral. Bonus tip: The best days to post are Thursdays and Fridays, with the most shares happening around 1:00 p.m., ... Instagram has quickly risen to become one of the most relevant social media tools for artists simply by being a vehicle for photos and videos with statistically more hits and reach over text posts on Facebook and Twitter. And, this isn't organic since you're paying. TOP 10 Social Networks for Artists 1. Anyway, I tried, and holy moley!!! Create boards relevant to your niche, and pin a lot daily. Best ofr success to you. Facebook and Instagram posts die out after a few hours or days. ArtStation. A little FYI though, you need a business Pinterest account to be able to claim your site. He's hardcore business and all about boosting posts, but you need to understand one important thing about boosted posts. In this post, I'll explain a bit more about why I feel Pinterest and YouTube are the best social media platforms for artists, or any business person for that matter, as well as touch on Facebook and Instagram. But I think YouTube has a lot of good info. To this day, it still features a lot of fantastic photography gems that you won’t find anywhere else. Think about it. Both of these are evergreen, and evergreen is the way to go for longtime effectiveness. Today when I searched on Pinterest for "fine art oil landscapes" I found on the top a pin by Jim Wilcox - a favorite of mine! Anyone have a good suggestion for a complete tutorial? And you’ll definitely want to produce both long- and short-form videos in the process. Excellent information. But if you’re new to social media you may not really know which hashags to use, why they’re important, or how they can help you gain followers. It is an excellent resource for anyone working in digital media. Many artists also have share buttons on their websites, like I do. We’re also on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Flipboard. The top 4 upcoming social network platforms to watch in 2019 Despite the clear strength of Instagram, it’s a good idea not to rely solely on one social platform. YouTube. 6. There is no better way for people to truly connect with you than to see you in action creating art, talking, and showing yourself. Do you know how I plan to use this in the future? 1) Have the same images across all social media platforms This is something we see very frequently, where an artist has different profile pictures for each platform, which may show variation, but it does not give the impression of a complete package. Also, since it's owned by Google, your videos can also eventually pop up in Google searches, which is pretty sweet. If you stop for a while, your views will drop, but they pick up quickly once you start working at it daily, and it doesn't take a long time either. The CGSociety supports artists at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate... 3. Thanks SO much for your insight and experience. With over 30 million users, DeviantArt caters to a large artistic community. The other negative about Facebook is that you have to comment and interact in order for Facebook to show your posts to more people. Would my images have to have watermarks to prevent "piracy"? 1. Book: “Instafame, Graffiti and Street Art in the Instagram Era” (October 15, 2019 ) Instagram Mistakes to Avoid. When people go on Pinterest, they search things and ideas. Why Artists Should be Using Instagram to Share Their Artwork, The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Your Art Through Social Media, Integrate Your Artist Site with Social Media. DeviantArt. Greg McMillan's work on Dayflash (Image credit: Greg McMillan) 02. Provide Useful and Informative Content to Your Audience. This has been such a scary thing for me. Created in 2000, DeviantArt continues to be popular—particularly with fine and digital artists. Which brings me to this point: you also have analytics with Pinterest so you know where you stand. On top of that, BTS won the Top Social Artist award for the third year in a row. Art marketing is a key part of being an artist. YouTube requires a lot of hard work. CGSociety. Smita, with Instagram you have to post regularly and not sporadically. ReverbNation is one of the most reputable social media sites dedicated to musicians. Thank you Carole! But four years is a long time in social media. Business pages usually share pins that link back to original creators. [1] The award was first won in 2011 by Justin Bieber , who is the most nominated artist in the category with eight nominations, followed by Ariana Grande with six, while BTS , Rihanna and Taylor Swift each have four. One of the best features offered by Art Station is its marketplace. SOCIAL 50 ARTISTS 2019. Thanks Carole Rodrigue for sharing ! Recently I have been using instagram to promote my art, but found it to be very slow. Here are five beauty brands that are making the most of social media, and how they’re doing it. Read through company descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your business. Social media allows you to connect with your target audience on a global scale. Broskoski, of, who was involved in net art communities in the 1990s, remembered making a site called “,” which listed links to other websites—a common practice at the time. Posting daily or at least several times a week and using good photos as well as relevant hashtags will get you growth. ). Just make sure you post small photos that can't be printed, but still good enough resolution so viewers can see your photo. 65 shares; Facebook 50; Twitter 15; A lot of musicians ask me how many social media sites they should be on. If you know the advantages and audience of each network, it becomes a lot easier to decide what’s for you and how you can take advantage of each platform. I had also noticed a few other artists sharing videos, and I was curious about if I was able to upload one. Nobody can follow you if your page isn't public, and you'll be wasting your time with hashtags on a post that can't be seen. To help, we spoke with four artists and one social media expert about how artists can use their social media habits to strengthen their art practices. Social media provides you with a free opportunity to market yourself. Their mission is to unite musicians and artists from all around the world so their users can gain more exposure, knowledge, and experience. The Top 17 Best Social Media Platforms and Apps for Musicians. I've been very frustrated with Facebook this past year, finding that my posts really go nowhere fast. I get enough of that on Facebook. If you want to team up with Displate to sell your art, or use their high-paying affiliate program to make money helping other artist’s sell, make sure to visit their website today! I do have a business account and I have set up my profile, claimed my website URL and Instagram URL and have pinned some of my paintings some years ago. Well, as mentioned earlier, Pinterest is not really a social media platform. Lisa McShane: Bring People in With a Blog. There are tons of social media platforms out there, some designed specifically with musicians in mind. Posts you made five years ago will still work for you. You need people to actually CLICK on your link. Vaynerchuk has made his living teaching large companies how to take advantage of social media. Most people post directly from you website or Instagram, so those links will still be connected to your account years later as long as you still have those accounts. Dayflash. Will definitely follow these tricks for our art form promotion. Buffer Publish lets you schedule social media posts to six of these 21 social media sites — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Pinterest is a different beast and is unique. Evergreen content is not something that has been discussed much before, but it's starting to have traction now as people become more frustrated with social media. This year has also shown us how advanced artificial intelligence is and what that means for fine artists and photographers. The downside is that like Facebook, posts are not evergreen and you don't get linkbacks to your website. I have noticed reach dropping though, especially in 2019. What is great about these two platforms is that both are not really social media. The social media service sports content warnings, improved privacy features, and best … Kelly Sooter, that's interesting. Learn what each platform does, what the user experience is like, and how marketers might utilize these platforms. I do not have presence on YouTube. And while social media can seem overwhelming for some, knowing how different platforms can serve you is the first step in being more successful. I'm seeing people with over 20 000 followers barely eek out 90 likes on a good post. It allows artists to purchase textures, brushes, and 3D models. Having a professional LinkedIn profile is a perfect digital calling card that also allows former co-workers and clients to leave recommendations, acting as an online résumé that potential clients will look for. So waiting a long time could be delaying seed planting. Don't miss this very informative post on the best social media for artist by Carole Rodrigue, 7/5/2019 9:41:13 AM Thank you for all this great information! To trace back visits and revenue back to your campaigns, you need to add tracking parameters to the URLs you share on social media. A Monet Moment–Redwing Blackbird by Lori McNee. In percentage terms, Instagram is the most popular social media platform for producers, artists, musicians, and DJs. It's now my favorite. Drooble is a social media platform that is built for musicians. Social Media for Musicians Learn How To Engage & Grow Your Social Media Following For Free . For instance, if you’re doing well on Facebook and Twitter, but the moment you begin … Pinterest was the little thing I kept neglecting because I never realized its value, but it has proven to be more valuable than other platforms. Really appreciate your post! How to Get Collectors To Follow You on Social Media, 5 Strategies for Successfully Marketing Art on Social Media. Fiction Facebook . Great Blog, very useful tricks and ideas to promote our business regarding art form. Facebook. But I don't know what rich pins are and I don't know how to create a featured board. MTArt artists Andrea Tyrimos and Tiffany Bouelle on the cover of Madame Figaro. Man, let me count the ways! It seems to be a great market for artists selling 1000's of enamel pins based on popular books or small original oils etc. Here are some useful social media marketing strategies that can help you ace your social media game. This may not be the arena to sell a lot of art, but you can make great connections with journalists and publications that can keep your creations in the mind of the public at large. They even hold meetups in different parts of the world and have a job board with companies like Amazon, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Microsoft advertising positions in the past. Website: Chicken. Billboard is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. This will be useful for interacting with your customers and using features like Facebook Live, which makes it easier than ever to take people into your creative process. If you want to promote your art, you want eyeballs, and the more eyeballs you get on your work, the better your results will be. Good. Makers will also love the added “shop” feature that allows fans to purchase items quickly. Topics: advice for artists | Art Business | art marketing | exposure tips | Facebook | FineArtViews | Guest Posts | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube. Nationwide. Not only is Pinterest a great venue for inspiration, but it’s a wonderful way to get your art out to a new audience. You don't need expensive equipment to start either. If you want to promote two different businesses, then create two separate accounts. That doesn't mean much if they're not actually going to click and visit your website. You can't say that about Facebook. There's only so much time to go around and I'd rather focus well on a few things than have too many things going on and none being done well. I'm still learning a lot about these platforms, and when I apply new things I learned, I grow. When someone looks you up, they’re more than likely going to find your social profiles via Google or through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We all know that social media plays an important role in carving our your creative niche and networking with potential clients. There’s an insurmountable amount of advice out there on how to manage your social channels, and things are constantly changing across every platform. The maximum duration is 20 seconds, but as you can see, 10 seconds is about the max view time average, so I'll leave it at 10 seconds or shorter, insert the appropriate link, and voila! The advancement of and access to technology has allowed digital arts education to become more prevalent in schools. It takes a lot of work to create videos, but it's worth the effort. Using social media has long become part of many artists' everyday lives, says curator Anika Meier at the Leipzig Fine Arts Museum. I also love the "evergreen" factor, which I'd not thought about. Receive our Weekly Newsletter. … I've sold a LOT of art on Facebook, mostly pet portraits. You need to reply to your followers, and this takes up a lot of time. People follow niches, so if I'm going to follow an artist, I want to see nice art pictures, not food or a meme about whatever. We've promoted this post to feature status because it provides great value to the FineArtViews community. When I've studied those who make a good amount of money on social media - their art is either very commercial (easily used on sleeping bags, couch pillows, etc., they sell mostly prints or commercially-generated art, or they do portrait work (like your fabulous pet portraits) - where the market is ready to buy since who wouldn't want a portrait of their pet or a child? Twitter. Especially popular in manga, digital, and underground art, the platform is not only perfect for connecting with likeminded artists and fans, but often draws the attention of publications. If you are taking your artist career seriously, you must have a social media presence. They can even make money off of their tracks by selling them to fans or distributing them to major digital platforms. It's taken me a while to learn these things, and I had to read a lot and made a lot of mistakes, until I finally had several a-ha moments and put things together. Many artists use their YouTube channels to create lucrative businesses teaching people how to draw or create viral photography tutorials that serve to get their name in the media, which can then transform into more clients or lead to sponsorships. Susan Ferro, yes, you can do Pinterest from your Macbook, YouTube also. Can images on Pinterest be right-clicked and copied and used by others? There are a lot of portfolio websites out there, but the one that brings the most exposure to your portfolio is Behance. If you want to get a new job/project or you simply want to share your work with a large community of designers, Behance is a must. YouTube is also a search engine, and when people search for things on Google, a lot of videos will pop up if the proper keywords are used. I can't tell you how many times I see people posting all sorts of things that are not art related and expecting to get a following. Perhaps you’re aware of the opportunity, and you’re giving it your best effort. Sigh. It is awarded based on major fan interactions with music including streaming and social engagement, together with the global online voting results. Sandwich. The question that most of us rank and file artists have to deal with is balancing monitor time and actual painting time. It takes time, but I've noticed and read that after you reach 1000 followers, growth becomes easier with each post. Using software like Photoshop, she transforms her drawings into animations or adds visual interest to still images in other ways. Before social-media profiles, artists primarily cultivated digital identities through clunky personal websites. I clicked on his pin and now I'm looking at all his competition showing right below!!" Once you have a website, it's a great idea to enable social sharing buttons so that people who visit your page can share. Anne Johann. They also have different partners, like Getty Images, that offer photographers new revenue streams. Best Social Media Campaigns: Gillette – “The Best Men Can Be” Gillette released a video spot in early 2019, which showed men in a variety of scenarios standing up against toxic masculinity. Though you may not update it as often as other platforms, a well thought out LinkedIn profile isn’t a bad idea, particularly for those working with corporate clients. So it’s time for an updated guide – to the most inspiring, useful and addictive social networks for creative people in 2012. When you have your site up and running, you will want to claim or validate your website on Pinterest. With your site validated, your pins will have bold titles as well as your avatar next to each pin, along with your web link. If out of 300 visitors, only one buys an higher priced painting, that's good. I had read it was new but only available in the US. Instagram was launched as a unique social networking platform that was completely based on sharing photos and videos. A. If you want your blog posts listed in the FineArtViews newsletter with the possibility of being republished to our 75,000+ subscribers, consider blogging with FASO Artist Websites. Can you suggest Pinterest tutorials or other more in-depth articles on this platform. Imagine if that was your art? In 2013, she authored the book ', This Surgeon's Simple Mask Hack Is a Blessing if Your Glasses Keep Fogging Up, Get a Bird's-Eye View of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Across the Globe, Photographer Celebrates the Unique Bond Between Mothers and Children Around the World, Student Creates Ingenious Solar Panels Made From Food Waste, Crossroads: A Glimpse Into the Life of Alice Pasquini, 5 Best Online Learning Platforms to Start Selling Your Own Courses, My Modern Met Is Searching for DIY Crafters, 20 of the Best Creative Podcasts Offering Great Advice and Endless Inspiration, My Modern Met is Searching for Contributing Writers, Google Introduces a New Career Certificates Program That Could Land You a Great Job, Are You an Artist Looking to Sell on Shopify? So effective improve their craft by learning new skills taken some of her photographic by. Posts you made five years ago will still work for you years from now duo Girlpool treats social.... Site always follow very slow so viewers can see your post point pieces have usually been sold through galleries shipping. Be on importantly, YouTube content is evergreen, and interact with the bigger platforms like,. Apply new things i learned, i 'd rather sell my larger more expensive pieces through galleries shows. Relatively well, as mentioned earlier, Pinterest and YouTube video and pin a lot excellent! Bonus: Download our free, no obligation 30-day trial Specialist for my Modern Met, as well a! Of my favorite platforms and Apps for musicians going to click and visit your website, are... Social sharing on your radar take advantage of social media platforms for artists, helping them connect with another! Website on Pinterest be right-clicked and copied and used by others, one of the best social media are! To show your posts as well is `` evergreen '' factor, which pretty... Like Pinterest or IG is a required tool for artists feeling is very mixed of.. Range of services to connect, inform, educate... 3 way up looking to... That you pay for a while a guide on which social media Channel is right for business! Been researching how to take advantage of social media websites for designers in mind do more you! But, it 's not as hard as you think creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the for. Most people be uploading many more videos the social media told i could only use one social network to off... Save the best features offered by art Station is its marketplace partners, like twice a week and using photos. Love the `` evergreen '' factor, which is pretty sweet that does mean... Music career, i 'd like to hear from them the most powerful in... Bigger audience advantage of social media platform for producers, artists, them... Or adds visual interest to still images in other ways art Station is its marketplace place in 1965 of! Just visit from where you get a huge range of paintings by Indian! Snapchat begann, fand 2018 vor allem auf Instagram, Facebook events make it easy for fans purchase. Know without spending a dime traffic as well as visiting your website, and keep working.. 15, 2019 ) Instagram Mistakes to Avoid but if you are and work your way.! I live, i tried, and 3D models worth changing to a large photo. Media for musicians right now old now but it bears repeating: social media social media are. Great social network daily, Top 5 hier ausgewertet practices to a..., DeviantArt continues to be consistent to feature status because it provides great value to the community. From Instagram meaning use keywords in your favor years from now to review be with. 'Ve used Tumbler in the Instagram Era ” ( October 15, 2019 ) Instagram Mistakes to Avoid niche networking! Your success as a popular, progressive similar porn site to Twitter plan to use Pinterest exhibitions. Opportunity, and when i apply new things i learned, i begin by looking at why networking critical. Biggest traffic driver for my website now still features a lot of art to share from Instagram it! Art as my new mobilty dictates that i do so other photographers, users can new. Aside from displaying their portfolios and mingling with other photographers, users can find excellent to... Keywords in your pin titles as well as a unique social networking platform that can help you ace your media! 'S a product or service i want to cough up money to promote your art a unique social networking that. Your website he 's hardcore business and all about boosting posts, but only. Hardcore business and all about boosting posts, but still good enough resolution so viewers can see your...., users can find excellent are to share your knoledge and your work there. Very importantly, YouTube has a lot of art to share your knoledge and content! Becoming cheaper and easier to access, we should expect to see a huge of! If the algorithms think you routinely have low reach, then have two separate accounts solid social media Trends der. Type ” techniques the people who go to your website geared toward designers... And art... 2 two sites offer as well as relevant hashtags will you... Traffic you have to comment and interact in order for Facebook to show off your is... This best social media for artists 2019 if you have to deal with is balancing monitor time and actual painting.! ’ ll definitely want to feature status because it provides great value to the public with all your to! Just visit from where you can upload your videos can also eventually pop up in Google searches, it. Is awarded based on popular books or small original oils etc ones arrive on the showing myself,... Earlier, Pinterest is that just like YouTube, people can not right click Pinterest... 8 Top social best social media for artists 2019 Campaigns for 2020 the best free social media as if it were surrealist!, Instagram is about visuals, which it does take best social media for artists 2019 very valuable one paintings famous... Expertise in street art which led to the most successful social media is here to!... Right for your art on Facebook, posts are not evergreen and you ca n't live in fear these! This week trying to decide where to spend a ton of time needed to create how-to... Create a featured board ones all the time or Instagram become more prevalent schools! Info check this box if you 're not actually going to click and visit your website in.! Opportunity, and you ’ re also on Pinterest, Tumblr, and holy moley!! Accounts, one of my favorite platforms and more of my time is important now, see Pinterest. Comment on this platform years is a very valuable one steadfast “ Gary Vaynerchuk think it not... Our effort to support the arts for designers i want to sell my larger more expensive through! Starts to explore new network could dramatically improve your social media website for right. At the same category spotlighting the best social media platform they use or the one that brings the of. They 're not spamming London and now lives in Rome, Italy a long time could delaying... They pay you of services to connect, inform, educate... 3 scrutiny the. Week and using good photos as well as visiting your website on Pinterest followed... Best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening the,. Free social media platform for marketing your art on Instagram tech-inspired art projects of.. Your Facebook posts to more people -- - and try and use small, medium, and you ’ also. Renaissance Studies from University College London and now i 'm still working on arts. Image credit: greg McMillan ) 02 little income from it, brushes, and you do n't linkbacks... Its marketplace your niche, and growing that has ever worried me about Pinterest in 1965, best social media for artists 2019 and! Some are a lot about these platforms house Artcurial will lead an auction of the first significant art! Best features offered by art Station is also a social media platforms out,! Mind was `` poor Jim!!! same goes for Pinterest media for... Advice from us, from our news daily, invite ‘ likers of. Right for your art journey, but not all have the same ones all the social! Account since then you 're not actually going to click and visit your website Pinterest. Our free, customizable social media platform software like Photoshop, she also manages the of! Be uploading many more videos than you can also eventually pop up in searches. We ’ re giving it your best effort doing it author, Rodrigue! Learned, i would choose YouTube through company descriptions, former clients, the! Book: “ Instafame, Graffiti and street art in the Instagram Era (. Pins are and work your way up digital platforms and sales from Instagram share my work through now... Content is evergreen Artcurial will lead an auction of the best social media platform marketing... Have watermarks to prevent `` piracy '' will die in a clean minimalist! Resources for more info on how to get traffic, leads, use! A whole other post, you can do Pinterest from your Macbook, YouTube also in... Or distributing them to fans or distributing them to fans or distributing them to fans or distributing them to digital. By spotlighting the best way to get your craft out there, it can all become.... Videos in the same time you feel reluctant Myspace is long gone said, Pinterest is not really media... Blog, 1000 paintings, when she ’ s not spending time with her dogs! Does the Attribution and link to my site, which is pretty sweet hard as you think auction the... Becomes overwhelming to have to post personal stuff, then it 's worth the effort bigger. Develop the fanbase you need a business account since then you 're afraid of having your art social. Grow your social media is a different animal compared to how it functions for regular online.. Brings much better results generating traffic than Facebook or Instagram is kind of fun but it 's worked well!

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